NarrativeDx Launches Industry First Physician, Nurse and Staff Feedback Analysis

04.30.2019 • William Rodriguez

Patented artificial intelligence engine now leverages employee feedback from engagement surveys and online sources to drive transformation initiatives

iStock-909978968 (1)AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NarrativeDx announced today the release of a new product that identifies employee engagement insights from feedback collected in physician, nurse, and staff satisfaction surveys, pulse surveys, and employer review sites such as Glassdoor.

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, an engaged workforce reduces turnover by 25%, reduces safety incidents by 48% and reduces quality incidents by 41%.1 The new Employee Experience platform leverages NarrativeDx's patented, best-in-class artificial intelligence engine to identify actionable insights that develop an engaged workforce.  

"After helping over 100 nation-leading organizations understand their patient feedback, it became clear that large-scale transformation is most effectively driven when the patient experience and employee experience work in concert.  The problem is that many healthcare leaders are working across siloed departments, each of which collects lots of structured and unstructured data, but struggles to understand it.  We saw the opportunity to unify and leverage this data to drive coordinated transformation," said Kyle Robertson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NarrativeDx.

Disengaged employees churn faster, negatively impact the patient experience, and lead to increased safety and quality issues.  The cost of losing a single nurse, for example, is roughly $60,000.  Further, 17% of nurses leave their jobs each year, which costs individual health systems $5-8M annually.  Most importantly, nurse engagement is the most significant factor driving mortality rates across care settings.2  "We quickly realized that the technology we built to improve patient experiences could have a much larger impact, not just on turnover, but on safety and mortality as well.  Incorporating employee feedback isn't just a nice addition, it's the key to aligning different stakeholders across transformation initiatives," Robertson added.

"Patient experience and employee experience are the two sides of the same coin.  That is why industry leaders are focusing on the human experience, which includes not only patients and families, but their caregivers as well," said Senem Guney, PhD, CPXP, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of NarrativeDx. "The NarrativeDx team is thrilled to contribute to improving the human experience in healthcare by providing insights from employee voices alongside patient voices."


About NarrativeDx 

NarrativeDx, based in Austin, TX, is the artificial intelligence platform for patient experience. We help hospital leaders and care providers identify actionable insights from patient comments to improve their institution's patient experience, drive patient referrals, increase hospital revenue, and boost hospital reputations.

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William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez

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