Recap of the 2018 Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference

05.08.2018 • Emily Roberson, MHA, CPXP

“If you truly listen, patients will tell you things you never thought you’d hear.” -Sven Gierlinger, Chief Patient Experience Officer at Northwell Health

Last month, a wide variety of healthcare leaders, care providers and front-line staff working across patient experience gathered in the Windy City (Chicago) for the 2018 Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference (PX2018).

This conference brought us all together to discuss why patient experience matters. While the conference participants may have represented different roles within their respective organizations, there was a common theme through every breakout session, every keynote, and every side conversation: patient experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Jason Wolf’s opening keynote described the following as the top patient experience industry issues in 2018:

  • Social determinants coming to the forefront
  • Price transparency moving to the statehouse
  • Patient experience becoming a priority, not just a portal
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a new co-worker in patient experience

Since 2013, NarrativeDx has been setting the standard for AI in patient experience, analyzing and extracting insights from over a million patients' voices in healthcare organizations across the country.

During PX2018, we had the pleasure and opportunity to showcase the value we have been bringing to our early adopters, such as Christiana Care, and to our vendor partners, such as the Studer Group. In partnership with us, these organizations have been working with “AI as their new co-worker” to amplify the voices of patients and families.

NarrativeDx highlights from the 2018 Beryl Institute Patient Experience conference:

Tracy Bell, MBA, Senior Program Manager, Patient Experience at ‎Christiana Care Health System shares how NarrativeDx transformed their care environment by providing an unified place for understanding and acting on their patient comments.

PX2018 - Christiana Care
PX2018 - Studer Group

Lisa Reich, RN, leading coach at Studer Group demonstrates how NarrativeDx technology sheds light on information not picked up by scores, and provides a way to benchmark patient experience for healthcare organizations.

During the conference, attendees discussed key next steps in achieving collective goals for patient experience during sessions and more informally during lunches, dinners, and happy hours. While many of these conversations shared and celebrated the great work that has been done, the conference also created a sense of urgency for its attendees.

NarrativeDx founder and Chief Patient Experience Officer, Senem Guney, PhD, CPXP and Patrick Kneeland, MD, Medical Director for Patient and Provider Experience at the University of Colorado Hospital present on using qualitative patient experience data to design inpatient care delivery. 

PX2018 - UC Health

PX2018 - NarrativeDx Standing room-only special reception hosted by NarrativeDx during the conference to recognize the hard work and dedication of patient experience leaders across the U.S.

Patients and their families are talking about their experiences more than ever, and they are engaged and ready to be part of their care.

The big question on everybody’s mind: How can we as patient experience professionals ensure that all the patient and family voices are a part of the wonderful work that is already being done?

The consensus was to utilize patient narratives in conjunction with quantitative data in measuring patient experience.

Patients tell us how they feel about their care experiences  (and why) in surveys, in PFACs, in rounding or even in pre-admission surveys. If they are telling us across so many venues what is happening from their perspective, we need to listen.

During break out and roundtable sessions, I discussed with other participants the impact that employee experiences have on our patients. A key takeaway was that employee engagement is a huge piece of the patient experience puzzle.

We must also seek out employee voices and feedback, and use this data to improve their engagement with our organizations - empowering employees to feel connected to their purpose as a healthcare professional and provider.

Thank you to The Beryl Institute for putting on yet another fantastic conference. If you stopped by our booth in the exhibit hall, attended some of our sessions, and/or came to our special reception on Monday, we thoroughly enjoyed connecting with you and look forward to building our relationship with you.

I was personally delighted to meet with many Certified Patient Experience Professionals (CPXPs) during PX2018 as I was getting ready to sit in the exam a few days after the conference.

Today, I was so happy to find out that I passed my exam and became a CPXP myself! I look forward to continuing the conversations I started with my fellow CPXPs and answering any questions about what to expect from “AI as the new co-worker in patient experience.

We (NarrativeDx) would love to offer you a complimentary analysis of your patients’ comment feedback. You’ll benefit from actionable insights that go beyond survey scores and join the ranks of leading healthcare organizations across the U.S. who are using NarrativeDx.

Emily Roberson, MHA, CPXP

Emily Roberson, MHA, CPXP

Director of Customer Experience, NarrativeDx

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