"Why Survey Scores Only Tell Part of the Story" DataPoint Podcast with NarrativeDx

04.30.2019 • William Rodriguez

DataPoint's Greg Matthews and NarrativeDx CEO Kyle Robertson sat down to talk about how looking at quantitative patient survey feedback alone leaves a LOT on the table. By better analyzing unstructured patient feedback over time, hospitals and health systems have the potential to gain (or prevent the loss of) millions of dollars.

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About DataPoint

DataPoint is a podcast about the role of data & analytics in improving healthcare – today and in the future.
Every other week, host Greg Matthews features a trending topic in health data, frequently joined by a leading thinker in the space. Each show will focus on a vision for the future, and the real work that’s happening today to bring that future about in the context of the “quadruple aim”: enhancing patient experience, improving population health, improving provider experience and reducing costs in the system. Join us as we talk about trends – and the people who make them – going behind the news to unearth meaning and context. Visit: http://touchpoint.health/shows/datapoint/

William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez

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